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Shut Up, Dude & Sit Down, Man Vinyl Bundle

Shut Up, Dude & Sit Down, Man Vinyl Bundle

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Shut Up, Dude limited edition vinyl in Orange.

Sit Down, Man limited edition vinyl in Tangerine.

Reissued by Veena Sounds.

Shut Up, Dude

A1. Who’s That Brown

A2. You Oughta Know

A3. Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

A4. Rainbow in the Dark

A5. Fake Patois


B1. Nutmeg

B2. Shorty Said

B3. Chicken and Meat

B4. I Don’t Owe Nobody Shit

B5. Ek Shaneesh


C1. Hugo Chavez

C2. I Don’t Want to Deal With Those Monsters

C3. Don Dada

C4. One Dollar Can


D1. Coochie Dip City

D2. Deep Ass Shit (You’ll Get It When You’re High)

D3. Shut Up, Dude


Sit Down, Man

A1. Intro

A2. All Tan Everything

A3. Puerto Rican Cousins

A4. Hahahaha Jk

A5. Rown Business


B1. Commercial

B2. People Are Strange

B3. Luv It Mayne

B4. Amazing

B5. Fashion Party


C1. Rapping 2 U

C2. Rooftop

C3. Irresponsible

C4. Return to Innocence

C5. Julia


D1. Roc Marciano Joint

D2. You Can Sell Anything

D3. Sit Down, Man

D4. Sit Down, People

D5. Free Jazzmatazz

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